We help our clients better understand and manage flood risks through custom solutions adapted to their needs.



E-NUNDATION is a web-based platform for dynamic and predictive flood risk mapping. This tool assesses the impacts of floods on people, buildings and critical infrastructure. 


E-NUNDATION is not limited to the simulation of flood hazard, generally characterized by the extent of the flooded area and the depth of flooding. The tool is unique in that it assesses the overall RISK by integrating the exposure of vulnerable elements to flood hazard. 


E-NUNDATION enables the characterization of the vulnerability of issues present in flood-prone areas and their levels of exposure to this hazard. The vulnerable elements are the population, buildings, critical infrastructure and the road network.

Flood risk analysis and management tool


E-NUNDATION calculates human risk by combining the vulnerability of the population, buildings and infrastructure with their level of exposure to a hazard. It therefore facilitates better decision-making in the event of a crisis. 


In collaboration with provincial and local authorities, the tool's functionalities were tested on the Yamaska, Richelieu and Petite Nation rivers in Quebec. These analyses made it possible to quantify the risks and develop a variety of scenarios. The tool has also been tested on real cases, particularly during the floods of spring 2017. This use in real-life situations made it possible to refine and enhance the solutions.


E-NUNDATION offers its users a complete risk assessment, adapted to the various stages of the crisis management process.

For professionals and citizens

Detailed report on the level of flood risk and associated financial damages.

For municipalities

A decision support tool for effective flood risk management in prevention, emergency and recovery.

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Each territory has its own characteristics. Each organization, whether public or private, may also have specific requirements and needs for crisis management assistance. This is why Geosapiens offers a specialized service to meet your needs.


Some examples of the customized services offered by Geosapiens:

  • Implementation of a warning system and tools to inform the population

  • Mapping of large-scale flood zones

  • Assessment of uncertainties in flood risk characterization 

  • Estimate of the number of sandbags and the volume of sand required to protect buildings and infrastructure

  • Study of the hydraulic and economic impacts of mitigation measures

  • Study of the impacts of climate change on the level of flood risk

  • Implementation of flood training and simulation tools


Do you have specific needs or constraints related to flooding? Contact our team, and we will recommend a customized solution. 


Innovative solutions for a better understanding and management of flood risks.

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