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We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the private and research sectors. We work tirelessly in the development of innovative solutions for understanding and managing flood risks.

Hachem Agili

Co-founder and CEO

Holder of an Engineering degree in Telecommunications and a Master's degree in Geomatics, Hachem worked for several years at INRS on projects related to flood risk management. These projects were carried out in cooperation with organizations at various levels of government. Today, Hachem ensures that his expertise and that of the entire Geosapiens team are put to good use in meeting the needs of the company's clients and partners.

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Sébastien Raymond

Co-fondateur et vice-président

Sébastien est ingénieur en environnement et détient un doctorat en sciences de la terre appliquées à l’hydrologie/qualité de l’eau. Il possède plus de 10 ans d’expérience en hydrologie et en génie environnemental. Il possède une formation scientifique multidisciplinaire combinant biologie, physico-chimie, géographie et hydrologie. Il agit à titre de coordonnateur/conseiller scientifique dans plusieurs projets liés à la gestion des risques environnementaux et à la modélisation des inondations. 

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Karem Chokmani

Co-founder, Statistical Hydrology and Geomatics

Karem is a professor-researcher at INRS. His work, which is the foundation of E-NUNDATION™, focuses on the development of remote sensing applications for the space-based monitoring of water resources in the context of climate change. He is also working on the development of statistical tools for local and regional hydrological variable estimates.

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Yves Gauthier

Co-founder, Natural Risk Management

With a Bachelor's degree in Geography and a Master's degree in Remote Sensing, Yves has accumulated more than 27 years of experience as a research professional and research coordinator at INRS. In addition to his work on ice monitoring and collaborations with northern communities, he has been the Coordinator of R&D projects in the management of natural hazards such as floods and ice jams.

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Khalid Oubennaceur

Co-founder, Hydraulics and Geomatics

Khalid has a PhD in Water Sciences at INRS. His main areas of expertise are uncertainty analysis in risk modelling, assessment of economic flood damage and geomatics. Khalid has more than five years of experience in the management and implementation of projects in the field of Flood Risk Management.

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Marion Tanguy

Co-founder, Flood Risk

After earning a Bachelor's degree in Geography and a Master's degree in Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis, Marion continued her doctoral studies in Water Sciences at INRS. She specializes in the fields of flood mapping using satellite images and the assessment of the vulnerability of populations to floods. Her work has led to the development of an innovative method for the characterization and assessment of human risk related to floods.

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Anas El Alem

Co-founder, Remote Sensing

Anas holds a Master's degree in Oceanology and Marine Environment, a DEA in Geological Risks, Remote Sensing and Cartography and a PhD in Water Sciences at INRS. Anas' work is focused on mapping floodplain boundaries and developing models to assess water quality from remotely sensed data.

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Charles Tousignant

GIS Developer

Charles holds an Engineering degree in Geomatics Engineering from Université Laval and a major in Geography from Université de Montréal. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of geomatics. He has also gained expertise in the development of geomatics solutions for flood risk management during his career at INRS.

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Mostafa Ghiyasvand

GIS Developer

Mostafa is a senior GIS developer expert in ESRI technologies. In his ten years of experience in a variety of projects, he has designed, developed and supported various GIS applications. Mostafa is fascinated by the manipulation and development of geospatial databases. He is an ESRI certified GeoData Manager and ArcGIS Desktop Professional.

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André Labonté

Business Development

André has extensive experience in IT management. He has held several positions in large private companies and in the public sector. André was Director of the IT department for the City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu for 10 years. Today, he is a conference speaker and strategic adviser to start-up companies. He was also Coordinator of the Réseau de l'informatique municipal du Québec committee, which is working on a white paper on smart cities in Quebec.

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Join our team!

Geosapiens is looking for motivated and talented people to join its team. Are you a specialist in hydraulics, hydrology, environment or geomatics? Are you interested in issues related to flood risk? Are you dynamic, innovative and enjoy taking on challenges? We want to meet you!

We are interested in hearing from you. 


Innovative solutions for a better understanding and management of flood risks.

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