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Innovative Solutions To Prevent Flood Risks


Adapted solutions

to your reality


Better manage floods


Get an accurate risk assessment of your customers


Help your customers better understand risk


Order your risk report


E-NUNDATION offers you:

  • Predictive and real-time flood mapping


  • Building-scale flood risk mapping for a wide range of scenarios


  • Intensity of floods in terms of water heights for different flood scenarios


  • How often a residential or commercial building can be flooded


  • Potential damage to a building for a given flood or on an annualized basis


  • The level of accessibility of roads in the event of a flood


  • The number of sandbags needed to protect a building or critical infrastructure


Floods in figures

In Quebec

More than 700 municipalities
are at risk of flooding.

In Canada

20% of the population lives in areas prone to flooding.

In the world

Floods will cost more than $ 700 billion in annual damage in 2030.