Geosapiens offers products and services for a better understanding of flood risks.

Our goal:
better prepared municipalities and a more resilient population.

Geosapiens' expertise was developed at the Centre Eau Terre Environnement in the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS). Since then, it is constantly reinforced by research and development, conducted internally and in partnership.

Our solutions have been developed for use without prior scientific and technical knowledge. The technology behind our solutions is at the cutting edge of science, but is accessible to all.

E-NUNDATION is a web platform for dynamic and predictive flood risk mapping. It assesses the impacts of flooding on people, buildings and critical infrastructure. E-NUNDATION provides solutions for municipalities, professionals and citizens.

Do you have specific needs related to flood risk management? We can help you develop a customized solution adapted to your needs.

Would you like to help increase our society's resistance to flooding? At Geosapiens, we offer you an opportunity to become part of a dynamic and innovative environment to support us in achieving our mission.


Innovative solutions for a better understanding and management of flood risks.

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